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Newest BTC-938 Wireless Telescopic Bluetooth Game Controller Gamepad Joystick Game Handle Cell Phone

Newest BTC-938 Wireless Telescopic Bluetooth Game Controller Gamepad Joystick Game Handle Cell Phone[criterion]

SKU : BTC-938

Model : BTC-938
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Color : criterion
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1) Ergonomic design, comfortable feeling
2) Support IOS 4.3+, and Android 3.2+
3) Bluetooth 2.1 technology, quick connection
4) Connect and play, no need any driver
5) Standard HID protocol game controller. It supports most android games and IOS games
6) 3 modes: GAMEPAD, MOUSE, ICADE, each mode has corresponding led indicator light
7) Shifting modes without dis-connection
8) 8 directional buttons + 12 fire buttons + 2 analog sticks
9) There are digital and analog modes under GAMEPAD mode, which can be shifted freely
10) AUTO & TRUBO special function
11) Two controllers can work on the same mobile/tablet at the same time
12) Telescopic holder for mobile/tablet: 12-27CM
13) Best quality joysticks, life: 500000 times
14) Two controllers can connect and works on the one device at the same time

Pairing and Connection:
1)Keep pressing HOME for 5 seconds till the Gamepad indicator turns to fast flashing
2) Turn on the Bluetooth on your mobile/tablet to scan nearby devices
3) Click BTC-938 to pair and connect when it appears on your mobile/tablet
4) Both the Gamepad and Charge indicator light after connecting

1) Model: BTC-938
2) Bluetooth: 3.0
3) Controlling distance: 6~8M
4) Telescopic stand: Support 5~10" devices
5) Working voltage: DC3.7V
6) Working current: 30mA
7) Input: DC5V 500mA

1) If this gamepad connected with your mobile/tablet/TV/TV Box/PC and the connection data was not deleting, while and Bluetooth function of your mobile/tablet/TV/TV Box/PC is on, the gamepad will connect to your mobile/tablet/TV/TV Box/PC automatically when turned on.
2) If there is dysfunction when working, please reset the controller through the reset hold and re-turn on the controller to connect and play.
3) In power-on state, when the Charge indicator flashes continuously, you need to charge the controller with the charge cable.
4) In connecting state, if there is no operation for 10 minutes, the controller will turn to Sleeping mode. Keep pressing HOME can wake it.
5) Please use and charge this controller at normal temperature.

Package Includes:
1 x BTC-938 Game Controller
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

HS. code : BTC-938
Single weight : 0.44 kg
Single size(L x W x H) : 25.8 x 15.9 x 6.6 cm3

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