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Anytek B10 Car DVR 1080P full HD car camera Novatek 96655 G-Sensor car video recorder 170 wide dash cam black box

Anytek B10 Car DVR 1080P full HD car camera Novatek 96655 G-Sensor car video recorder 170 wide dash cam black box[criterion]


Model : CDVRB10
Price : $68.9
QTY : -+
Color : criterion
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Product Functions

Video recording: Insert the TF card, when power on it will start recording automaticly, the recording indicator lights flashing, press OK button to stop recording, the recording indicator is always on.

Take photos:Click menu to enter standby mode the video function selection interface, choose photos, click the ok button pictures and save。

Playback mode:Playback mode, press "UP" or "DOWN" button to select files, press "OK" button to play;In the video mode press the "OK" button to pause playback, press "UP" or "DOWN" button can be fast forward/back quickly


SOS function:When recording, in case of emergency you can manual lock by press  the “DOWN” button to lock the file.

USB connection:USB cable plugged into a computer when a three options:

1、Storage: Can playback, copy, delete the file and so on

2、PC CAM:the camera can be used as a webcam for video chat

3、Video recording: Enter the normal video recording mode.

Video resolution:Can set different video resolution, 1080p, 720p in optional, set up the higher resolution, it will take up more TF card capacity.

Loop recording:This recorder can cycle cover the video files and do not leak seconds, it can be opened or closed in system settings .

When loop recording is turn on, the every two minutes video files will be covered continuous cycle, When the loop video is turned off, the recording will stop until the TF card is full.

Record voice: Can turn on/off the voice recording, when recording mode press the up button to turn off/on the voice recording

G-Sensor:The recorder built-in collision sensors (G-sensor), in the event of serious vehicle collision, the recorder will lock the current file at the time of the accident, a lock icon is displayed on the screen at the same time, the locked files will not covered by loop recording

Parking monitor:Once opened, after power off the camera get into the parking monitor, When it induct the shaking or collision, it automatically power on and recording video for 10s then turn off

HS. code : 85258039
Single weight : 0.48 kg
Single size(L x W x H) : 20.5 x 15.03 x 8 cm3

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